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Nike was on to something #justdoit #notsponsered #unless....

I think I've been smelling glue to much or something. Or do the kids say drinking the juice? Eh whatever. I just happened to flip open my journal to this: 10/27/20 (talking about Hawaii) "big things are gonna happen for me here. I can just FEEL it. Duet this in a few and let me know if I'm onto something." I then had a note scribbled underneath about how I looked back at earlier entries from the first time I came to Hawaii calling it "my future home." Well here I am frantically checking behind me. Am I psychic? Or just all to predictable...

Which brings us to manifestation. What is it? A side of Tik Tok you can end up on, well yes... Manifestation walks hand and hand down a beach at sunset with "potentiality" which I'm telling you is life's secret sauce. Potentiality is the idea that the more you believe in your thoughts the more things that will happen. Once we realize that we are already what we seek to be, well its game over for the rest of y'all. We are all able to reach what we desire when we aren't frantically searching and instead we are simply looking inward. Ah the things we can accomplish with our internal toolbox...We can grab a "hammer" and start making our dream world. The yoga philosophy on and off the mat is work to get past your fears and once you do you'll think oh it is scary but I got past it and I'm okay.

You know that thing we do when we string words together? Spelling, yes, good job high five for you. Well, "anything you say after 'I am' you become. This is because words cast powerful spells. That is why its called 'spell-ing.'" I said I am going to make Hawaii my home regardless of if anyone chooses to come with me. I am going to be the youngest accepted into the Santosha Shala's 200 Ashtanga training. I am going to learn authentic yoga and study and work hard not just at yoga but also at the art of truly moving somewhere and not knowing a soul. Was it hard? Could I not even knock on doors like I did freshman year of college to make friends because the people in my neighborhood would think I'm a girl scout? Yup. But am I okay? Yes. I am more than that. Spell what you want to make possible out into the world. Know that you yourself are a more than able superstar and never shy away from a challenge and thats the tea sis.

Remember some fears save your life and some fear stops you from living...s/o Nike....Stop dreaming and just do it!

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