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new year...same me

11:59 pm--> 12 am

December 31--> January 1st.

What changes? The day and the time...and ummmm...nope thats it. Maybe you get a New Years smooch, maybe you don't...maybe you smooch a champagne bottle and maybe your asleep by 10 pm. It is comforting to imagine that as the clock strikes 12 Cinderella esque magic floats through the air. We like to think our pumpkins will turn into carriages and our rags to ball gowns. What I've learned is that this couldn't be further off. The new year doesn't change us or our circumstances. The same problems will be with us when we wake on the morning of the first. The only thing the new year does is give us an opportunity for a ~mental~ clean beginning. Like buying a new planner and flipping it open. Some people stop using their "planners" once they realize just because they started something with a new calendar year does not mean it is any easier. I remember at work last year one of my coworkers warned me that my yoga classes were going to be super full until around February with those who decided working out was their resolution. The sad truth that comes with age is that nothing gets easier with the New Year but on the hopeful side is it is a gift of time that can be used as a clean reset button. Just be willing to hustle hard, ya heard?!

This new year was in 2020 fashion very strange. I went paroozing around Party City on December 31st as a holiday obsessed gal like me does and noticed that everything in the store said things like "fuck 2020" or "good riddance 2020." What a time to be alive with everyone and their mothers (and fathers and sisters and second cousins twice removed...) all despising a year. Spending the normal hyped up countdown in a bar this year I expected the walls to be shaking like a stage 5 earth quake with "FIVE FOUR THREE..." One of my friends went to the bathroom, my other friend showed me something on her phone when we noticed the time blaring at us from her bright lock screen. 12. Oh, happy new year?! The place continued the mindless chatter as if nothing had changed. Did everyone notice what I noticed this year that the new year doesn't change anything? Or were people too sick and tired of 2020 to expend their vocal cords? The world may never know...

Since this year has without a doubt been hard for all I want to leave you all with a reminder of the lotus. Y'all know where I'm headed with this one...The lotus flower is born from the deepest and darkest places and blooms to become beautiful and sought after. Since all would agree 2020 was dark and hit deep this couldn't be a better time for us to blossom into the beautiful lotus flowers that we all are within. Also please remember just because a fairy god mother won't make your new year resolutions easy for you, the day you plant the seed is not the day you see the flower. Patience and hard work young ones. I know sounds soooooOoO fun...

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