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first its salty...then its sweet

My original title was an ode to the show Friends, "The One Where Kate Takes Her Idea of Independence Too Far." Everyday I realized how untrue that sentence turned out to be. You can never take your independence TOO far, if it ain't hard well then your doing it wrong. I am totally getting ahead of my self though...lets go back to the start.

Was being mildly still drunk in Boston Logan a bad omen? (for legal reasons this is a joke). Sitting here at day two I'd say yes. Is mother nature punishing me for underage drinking? (water too much water to clarify). Or is Hawaii crying of excitement that I am here? Yes on second thought that must be it. Day 1 post training I ubered myself to the beach where I tried to convince myself that if you can tan more when its cloudy out it must be even MORE in the rain...ya right I wish. Day 2 and outdoor movement unless in Noah's arc was out of the question. Here I am in North Shore Maui getting my second 200 hour certification this one from a traditional and classical Ashtanga yoga shala. Have I ever been to Maui before? No. Am I alone in a neighborhood and only seeing people who will say more to me then, "what can I get for you today?" from 6am-12pm? Yes.

Day 3 and things are turning around..the longest conversation I've had is no longer with my uber driver so thats something to be celebrated.

A week in now reflecting and I'll tell y'all straight up, when you are in the lows its hard as hell to see life as a dialectic. Life is crying to your mom for two hours because you are stuck alone 4,000 miles away during a flash flood. Life is also driving down the road and out of the corner of your eye seeing a whale jump out of the water right off the shore (you don't see those type of things on I-95 headed towards Hampton NH thats for sure). Life is yin and its also yang, sun and moon, sunrise and sunset, morning and night, sadness and happiness...Its so easy to feel stuck like the happiness won't ever come but remember there is not a day where the sun doesn't rise or the sun doesn't set. Sometimes the sky erupts into oranges, pinks, and yellows and sometimes it slowly fades into darkness, but it never stays the same. There is an equilibrium of life trust in it and know if life was just sunshine and rainbows we wouldn't understand just how good things can be. All good=all snore fest. We'd never get into bed after a long day and replay the day in our heads just to feel the sun on our face a little longer. We wouldn't know how to appreciate this crazy roller coaster ride we've branded as "life."

Remember that the dark does not last forever and when the sun comes out (which it will) you will be ready for it.

"Every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written."-Juansen Dizon. (metaphorically as happiness and literally as the first light).

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