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A perfect weekend in Lisbon Portugal

I just lived four months in the beautiful city of Lisboa. From the yellows of the old buildings to the red street cars and the sparkling Tagus river there is a lot of colorful beautiful ground to cover (and many hills to climb).

For all my active adventurous foodies I've got you covered.


$: Selina Hostel

$$: An Air bnb (look for Barrio Alto or Alfama neighborhood)

$$$: Lumiares Hotel

Best weekend ever itinerary:


Start the weekend off right with some yoga. Baraza is one of the best yoga studios I have been to (and I'm a yoga instructor!) so if your up to it definitely check out their classes. While you are in the Santos neighborhood your next stop should be Fauna and Flora for breakfast. I highly recommend their sweet potato toast (I don't even love sweet potato it really is that good).

With some fuel you are off for the day of exploring. Make your way up to Baxia Chiado and stroll around the bustling shops (honorable mentions to Pull & Bear very cute affordable clothes, and to Bertrand the oldest book store in the world, if you buy a book there they will stamp it). Then head into Alfama into some of the older neighborhoods in Lisbon. From Alfama continue onward to Castelo de São Jorge. The walk up the hill on cobble stone roads is stunning. Castelo de São Jorge is one of the only places that survived the big earth quake of 1755, and it offers great views of the city.

Head back down the hills and if your feeling peckish stop into the famous original Time Out market for a snack.

If you are feeling a little tired from a long day of walking try to make an appointment at Open Hearts. They have an outdoor garden space that leads to a room with a cold plunge and an infrared sauna. You can rent out the whole area for an hour it is pretty magical!

Shower up for dinner which will be on my favorite road in Lisbon, located in the Principle Reale neighborhood. If you get here early go into Embaxiada, an old palace now full of shops. Also cool to check out the overlook named Miraduro Sao Pedro there is always something going on whether it be music or a pop up market.

Pre dinner drinks at Lumi rooftop then head to Lost in for Indian cuisine (I would pre book this place and make sure to get the out door seating option, great views and vibes). Post dinner non negotiable is gelato from the creamy thick goodness of Nivà's gelato.


Wake up early and head down to Neighborhood cafe for a quick bite. If your feeling munchie this place has the best breakfast burritos ever. Yes I said ever.

From there its a short walk to Cadis do Sodré (the train station). You can buy a ticket there and hop on a train to Cascais. The train runs past many beautiful beaches and Cascais is the very last stop (under an hour trip). Once in Cascais walk behind the train station to catch bus 403 to Cabo do Roca. The bus ride is 25-30 minutes and leads you to the Westernmost part of Europe! When you are there continue on the dirt path towards Praia de Ursa one of the prettiest beaches ever. The walk is along cliffs overlooking light houses and the ocean...its a must do. Feel free to back track whenever and get back on the bus towards Cascais.

On your way back through Cascais if you want an afternoon snack go to House of Wonders: a veggie restaurant with an awesome rooftop and fresh pressed juice for sangrias. Then stroll around the cute beach town for a little before getting the train back to Cadis do Sodré. (these trains run often so you won't have to worry).

Make a reservation (!!!) for a late dinner at Magnolia Bistro and Wine Bar. It is a neighborhood wine bar with a small kitchen that makes you feel like you are in a romantic movie.


Wake up and mozzy on over to The Mill. This is an Australian inspired cafe with amazing food, you can sit at the bar where they keep the window open and feel like you were on the street (great for people watching). The Mill is on the same street as Clube Royale an awesome thrift store (honorable mention: if you are in Lisbon on a Tuesday they do live music there and it is so wholesome and fun).

Post breakie, make your way down towards the water. There is a path along the river that goes from Cadis do Sodré to the Tower of Belem. The path along the sparkling water is a must do, you get to weave under the bridge and get views the whole way. There are multiple ways to do this path:

-running: 4 miles one way run to Tower of Belem along the path from Cadis do Sodré. Good flat run with great views.

-walking: will take long both ways, maybe you walk one way and hop on the train to ride a few stops back

-biking: there are many bikes you can rent from apps along the path, quickest option.

perhaps go and grab a Pastel de Nata at the famous Pastels de Belem before you backtrack to LX factory which is located under the bridge. LX factory's market is my favorite in the city, it should go from 10am-6pm but make sure to google and double check. The area is about a block of artsy murals, restaurants, book stores and shops alike. (Honorable mention for the best hot chocolate and chocolate cake that is at Landeau Chocolate in LX factory)

Once you've explored LX factory head to your hotel and get ready. Best dinner place in Lisbon--> Farès (make a rezzy!) vibey music, delicious fresh Mediterranean food. Pre dinner drinks at Java Rooftop!

Lisboa is an electric place with so many hidden nooks and crannies to explore. The city of hidden treasures I like to call it! Although a weekend is just scratching the surface this will get you off to a good start :)

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